What is the best hosting for host phpList

I’m new to phpList. I have a 300,000 email database. When I run a campaign, it should be sent to whole database.
What is the best hosting provider.

For the moment i hope to go with http://www.bluehost.com/vps Standard package.
Features summery

  • Dual Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 30 GB
  • 1 TB/month
  • Free Domain
  • Name 1 IP
  • CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)

I use phplist.com myself. Otherwise, not sure. @Dragonrider or @duncanc or @danwaterloo might be the best people to ask.

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You have to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Is the email mission critical?
  2. Will the email be sent to 300,000 addys daily?
  3. Is the email time sensitive and require getting all sent within 12 hours?
  4. Is Exim shared with other accounts on the VPS?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, with that volume, I would highly recommend a dedicated server where you have way more control over DNS, Exim, and PHP settings.

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Thank you for the reply. Are you happy with phpList?

Thank you @NYChris for the reply. This is just a startup. For the moment its ok if i can send within 36 hours. I don’t share VPS with other applications. just only for phpList. Actually for the moment i have only 250,000 emails. It will be increased in the future.

To be clear, I now work for phplist as the community manager, however, my company www.ethical-pets.co.uk used phpList.com for years before I had this job. I personally think, unless you are going to pay for someone like @NYChris to help you, .com is best quality you are going to get.


I’d check with the hosting service first, to see what they allow for email transmissions. 100,000 emails per day is quite a few for some hosting services, many of them won’t allow that many, especially right away.


Dear @danwaterloo i checked with bluehost hosting (Standard package)

speed : 2 CPU Cores
storage : 30GB
bandwidth : 1TB

I had a chat with them. and they said that, there is no limitation. it’s depends on processor.

Just looking that over, It should be ok for slower sending rates. Ideally, since you are running a database, a mail server, a website, and some php code, you would want more ram, especially as the database gets bigger.

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Hi @malinga91 I just wondering how you did you come up with 300K email database :slight_smile: well, that’s not my concern but looking at your hosting package or to be honest with you, there’s no hosting package in the world that would let you send out emails to 300K list. You will be banned for spamming as that’s what they call it :slight_smile:

Anyway, don’t give up yet. There’s one solution to your problem here…you need to integrate an external SMTP server to your phplist, this way, you can send out even thousands to million email lists. It will have nothing to do with your localhost/hosting provider. I have done this so I know it can be done!

I disagree. 300K isn’t a problem. A million wouldn’t be a problem.
The problem comes down to just how fast you need to send them out.
~ 24,000 per hour seems to be the average for me using dedicated servers.
~ 9,500 per hour seems to be about right for a good VPS.
~ I have no idea what speeds you can get out of a simple site hosting package.
If these speeds aren’t good enough for you then you might want to consider integrating an SMTP server into the cluster (which would still be part of your hosting package).

The best hosting packages are the ones that you have the most control over.

Can you help me on this matter?

I personally would just use phpList.com. It’s what I chose before I worked for phpList ltd and it’s still what I would choose now: they know the code inside out and the prices are decent. The only exception is if you need more controllability that is possible on the .com service. For a 300k list, they would probably run you a virtual private server etc if you wanted it anyway.

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Can someone help me to chose which is the best hosting for phpList that you could recommend now, in beginning of 2018?

@esad As the makers of phpList and phpList.com of course we believe that this service is the best. Opinions aside, there is a price-match promise meaning that you will not find a better value email marketing service with comparable features. For answers to specific questions please email hosted at phplist dot com :sunglasses:

It doesn’t really matter which hosting you are using to host your phplist. I can tell you that all hosting providers will not allow you to send out massive emails using localhost. What matter is how are you going to work around with the SMTP for sending out emails. I hosted my phplist on my web-hosting and with some editing on the SMTP setting I am able to send out unlimited emails every day and up to 30K emails per month. The number of emails that you can send every month is depending on the capacity of the external SMTP or email relays that available to you.