What is point of admin role if they cannot send the campaign?

As I recall in my earlier instance of phplist running on another website admin roles could be set with levels of granularity.
They could be given/denied the ability to send a campaign without the superadmin.

However, in this iteration (3.2.4 I believe) installed on another website, the admin role is reduced down to a sorter and author and it is impossible for the admin to send the campaign.

In my case, the notion of allowing them to be superadmins is unconscionable.
(Not trying to hurt your feelings @anna - but seriously? I read that response in another thread and thought to myself are you joking?)
Telling them not to touch anything as a superadmin is a completely impractical solution.

If one cannot trust admins enough to manage the subscriber lists (admin option), what makes you believe granting them access to all features configurations is sensible?
Considering making them a superadmin just so they can send the campaign is akin to saying ‘please ruin the configuration, try your hardest to do something so unfathomable it will take a complete re-installation to resolve’

Not being facetious, I am trying to wrap my head around this.
What is the point of having subordinate admins if they cannot send the actual mailing?

Is there any continued development of the admin functionality to make it once again useful?
If there was an set of admin cascading trust permissions it would solve a world of hurt.
1st) can send campaign if yes, go to 2nd, else place in queue || send SA queue notification
2nd) send campaign requires SA authorization if yes place in queue || send SA auth. req. notification, else send campaign

You should use a cron job to process the queue, as I explained in another of your questions Can a cron job kick off a mailing submitted by a non-superadmin

That is going to be more reliable than using the browser, particularly for large sets of subscribers. In your scenario, each ordinary admin can create and submit their campaigns. Then a frequently running cron job, say every few minutes, will pick-up all submitted campaigns.

Which thread is this? Perhaps I will correct my advise as per what duncan says below. I have personally always used the phpList.com service where the queue is processed automatically.