What happened to history last view report

Centos 7

I remember having a “last view” field or something similar when I accessed a user’s record. There used to be a tab or similar related to their history, where I could see the last campaign they actually opened, not just received.

Can’t seem to find that now.

I don’t think that was ever part of phpList but you can check the last time a campaign was clicked (not viewed). So, on the subscribers’ profile you can see “Clicks” and following the link you can check details on the clicks that subscriber has on one particular campaign, including the last time they clicked on one of the links.

Hope that helps!

Hmmm. I distinclty remember a “history” tab in the person record and clicking on that showed when they last opened a campaign. I do know we can see clicked links, but this tab in History showed opens, to the best of my recollection.l