What does this error message mean?

I’m trying to setup phplist with the RSS plugin. I have installed phplist, added the RSS plugin, created an email with [RSS] within the source, and added a list to it, and saved-continue-editing. When I try to fetch the RSS items, I get the following, and subsequently when I try to view the RSS items, there is nothing. When I try to send, it seems to process the email, but no emails or status updates are delivered. Any ideas on what this means, and what I am doing wrong?


Parsing http://printabelle.com/?feed=rss2
ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer. No buffer to flush

#0 [internal function]: CommonPlugin_Exception::errorHandler(8, 'ob_flush(): fai...', '/home/aboucar8/...', 148, Array)
#1 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/plugins/RssFeedPlugin/Controller/Get.php(148): ob_flush()
#2 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/plugins/RssFeedPlugin/Controller/Get.php(87): RssFeedPlugin_Controller_Get->{closure}('Parsing http://...')
#3 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/plugins/RssFeedPlugin/Controller/Get.php(153): RssFeedPlugin_Controller_Get->getRssFeeds(Object(Closure))
#4 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/plugins/CommonPlugin/Controller.php(88): RssFeedPlugin_Controller_Get->actionDefault()
#5 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/plugins/CommonPlugin/Main.php(41): CommonPlugin_Controller->run(NULL)
#6 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/plugins/RssFeedPlugin/get.php(25): CommonPlugin_Main::run(Object(RssFeedPlugin_ControllerFactory))
#7 /home/aboucar8/public_html/printabelle/phplist/admin/index.php(643): include('/home/aboucar8/...')
#8 {main}

@lightsaber Which version of phplist are you using, and have you made any changes to the code?

Also, please use a more meaningful title for the post, such as including that it related to a specific plugin.

Possibly caused by a setting in your php.ini.
Please can you look at phpinfo, menu Config > View phpinfo, to see what the value is for the output_buffering directive?

Update - By changing the output_buffering directive in php.ini I could repeat the problem. There was a bug in the plugin when output buffering was initially off. That has now been fixed, so if you upgrade the plugin on the Manage Plugins page then it should then download the RSS feed.