What Do I Need to Setup so Statistics start working?

I have set up phpList in my local computer. I was able to send campaigns successfully.

What I don’t get is the statistics – all are zeroes except for the emails sent.

Do I need to include/setup analytics like matomo or google analytics for the statistics to work? Do I need to install phpList in a public host instead to make statistics work.

I tried to search the forum for this information as well as the phpList manual.


@benz101 If you are referring to opens and click tracks then you need to enable those, but more importantly your server needs to be accessible from the internet.

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Hey @duncanc,

Thanks for your reply.
If I understand this right, statistics will not work unless my phplist app is running online and not on a local desktop computer.

Time to upload phplist online.

Thanks again.

Just to bump this topic. What portion of the server needs to be available to the Internet. Are there certain ports? I don’t really want to open my firewall 100% just to run a mailing list. Seems like asking for trouble.