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What are the reasons an email isn't sent out for confirmation

I subscribed with one address and received an email asking for confirmation.
I did the same with my other address and did not receive the email.
Both address have been subscribed before and one of them maybe even blacklisted for bounces.

Now it appears both are listed as unconfirmed but not blacklisted.

How to I correct that?

If you didn’t receive the confirmation email those addresses were never confirmed.
You will need to check why the confirmation emails were not sent – probably a possible block on the IP.

If you want to confirm the addresses manually you can do so in the subscribers profile by changing “Confirmed” from “0” to “1”.

Hope this helps

Something else is going on.
I have about 10 new subscribers who were subscribers before. They are marked as unconfirmed but not blacklisted. I am included. many subscribed and confirmed and were shown as confirmeed for a bit then made unconfirmed. Myself included. I have no idea why this is happening or how to solve the problem.

I think there is a category of “do not send” which is not the same as blacklisted.

Both unconfirmed and blacklisted subscribers won’t be able to receive your subscribers.

Unconfirmed subscribers will be those who sign up to receive your newsletters and never click the confirmation link or those who register less than three bounces.

So, If you try sending to a subscribers and it bounces two times in a row then before it is marked as blacklisted it will be marked as unconfirmed. The subscription history should show you why the subscriber was marked unconfirmed.

How can I remove the stain so that they can be confirmed. They were not bounced through any fault of their own. So what can I do to rectify the situation.