Welcome, goodbye, and confirmation messages


I’m new to phplist and I think it’s so cool. However I found some of its workflows annoying.
the first thing is that all of my subscribers are paid customers. and receiving emails is something that they choose, when they are being subscribed. So I don’t see any point in sending confirmation messages for them. I really would like to disable this feature.

Also, I’m very careful about the amount of emails that I send to my users. First of all, I have a low budget and i don’t like to spent it on unnecessary emails, and second of all, too many emails do no good except to distract people. So I really don’t feel like to send out welcome and goodbye messages. I really don’t see any benefits in them. When I see a welcome or goodbye message in my inbox. I try to delete them as fast as I can. And I think most of the others do the same thing too.

I googled some keyword to deal with these concerns but I’m surprised I didn’t found an straightforward way to disable these features. Normally, there should be a check-box to enable and disable them. but I didn’t found any. So I would be very happy if someone could tell me how can I securely disable these 3 features for my mailing list.

Thanks for your request; I have reported it as a feature request on the phpList bug tracker here:

You can register an account there and monitor the issue to track its progress. If you wish you can work on the feature yourself and submit a Pull Request on GitHub. See here for guidance: https://www.phplist.org/development/#fix