Weird problem with images in emails that phpList sends out

So I have a strange problem that I can’t figure out…

I copied a working phpList instance over to a new server earlier this week (the eventual goal is for the new location to replace the current location, but I have to get everything working at the new location first), and I’ve encountered a strange problem…

Emails that I send out with phpList (whether test-sends from within the campaign or “actual” sends via the email queue) are for some reason not showing any images (just broken image links, basically)…but here’s where it gets weird:

Images are showing up for:

  1. Campaigns that are “Send a webpage” rather than “Compose message”.
  2. Campaigns that use images that are housed at the old phpList location.

If I look at the source code for one of the problematic emails and copy/paste the URL for one of the broken images into my web browser, it works.

So, thinking this was some sort of weird Gmail permissions problem, I also sent a test message to an old email address I had…no images showed up there either! It behaved exactly the same.

I did some searching and saw the suggestion to add some alt text to the image…I did that, and I see the alt text in the test email but not the image itself.

What’s really weird is that there are no messages about images being blocked when I view the email.

I also have the server configured (and tested afterward) to automatically “force” https, so there can’t be some sort of weird “mixed-security content” issue happening (that I know of).

I even tested uploading a new image to phpList and using that in the test email…same issue (no image shows in email).

The images show up fine in the phpList back-end…it’s only in the emails that get sent out that things aren’t working properly, as best I can tell…

All other aspects of phpList are working as expected after the move. It took a bit of tweaking of settings and whatnot to achieve that, but this image thing is pretty much the only major issue that I can’t figure out.

Oh, and I noticed that newly-created campaigns (whether a copy of an already-sent campaign or a created-from-scratch new campaign) for some reason have their “embargo” set to be three hours later that the “current server time” (rounded to the nearest hour). So, when I initially go to process the queue to send out the message, nothing happens. But, I can go in and pause that “active” campaign and adjust the embargo time back to earlier than the current server time and then re-add it to the queue and it all works fine. I couldn’t find any settings anywhere that can be used to alter that behavior, but since it can be worked around, it’s not major enough to be a concern to me at the moment.

Any ideas?

I should add that nothing unusual is showing up in the “Log of events” page within phpList, or in any of the log files on the server that I could think of that might help explain what’s happening…

So follow-up in case anyone else runs into this issue. This is all on a college campus network and It turns out that the server that we moved phpList to (since it was new) had its https protocol blocked by the campus firewall, which led to all of the issues mentioned above. Once that was cleared up, then the images can be “seen” by the outside world and thus show up when you view the email in Gmail or Yahoo Mail or whatever.

I’m still not sure about the embargo stuff I mentioned in the original post, but that’s easy enough to work around…

And the embargo stuff has been figured out now as well. Turns out that, since it was a new server, the PHP timezone wasn’t set (in the php.ini file). Since phpList just shows the server time on the Scheduling page for messages, though, everything seemed to be fine (other than the embargo time being a few hours later than expected). PHP timezone set, embargo time is now as expected. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating this, it is always nice to hear how an issue has been fixed, it also helps others should a similar issue arise for them. :wink:

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