We are no longer able to send out campaigns


Since yesterday evening, we are no longer able to send out campaigns in our marketing team. Do you know why ? Is there any issues with the server ?

Does anyone have the same problem?


Are you asking about the hosted phpList service? Or a server where you host your own instance of phpList?

I assume this is about the hosted service. I don’t use that and am not sure what support options are available, but I believe this forum is mostly for support for those who host their own instances. There is an info@ address at the bottom of the page at phplist.com that might be useful for getting support for the hosted service.

Having the same issue with phplist.com here. info[@]phplist.com not responding to emails. @Ramiya Were you able to solve this with them?

From what I understand of the Hosted service, you should have a Support Ticket option?

The problem is that I cannot get to the support tickets because as soon as I log into the phplist.com dashboard, I am redirected to some malicious URL.

Apparently, we are using the PHP mail() function

We are using Plesk as a server, so should I contact them directly ?

My team and I are blocked because we can’t send emails since 1 week

Are you using an external SMTP service ?

No. It looks like we were experiencing a different issue. I’ve contacted the team and they have now fixed ours.

How do you contact them ?

And how did they fix your issue? Maybe we have the same issue, i am not using an external SMTP service either

There was some breach of hosted.phplist.com, which resulted in its blacklisting. When it has been removed from the blacklist the issue has disappeared.

And how do you contact the team to fix this issue ?

Because on my side i still can’t send any campaign :confused:

You need to raise the problem with the people who administer your server. The problem has nothing to do with the phplist hosted service.

I raised the problem but it seems like we haven’t got any issues there too.

What do you suggest me to check ? Should I send you the log of events and config ?