Warning, Unknown failure

I manually deleted an image in my uploadimages directory and now get “Warning, Unknown failure” when trying to view other images through the editor.

Coincidence or did I mess it up?
I can upload images, just can’t view them in KCFInder.

Maybe this will help?

@StevenSchlossman The message “unknown error” occurs in lots of places in the code so it is difficult to know which one is being displayed.
Possibly there is a file/directory permission problem. Can you rename the uploadimages directory then create a new one which allows the web server process write access. Then see whether you can upload and view images.

First, thank you.
I renamed uploadimages to uploadimages-keep.
Created a new folder uploadimages.
I am able to upload an image and later view it.

I copied all the images from my uploadimages-keep to the new uploadimages directory and have the same issue.

I edited the config file to point to uploadimages-keep. Same issue.
Restored the config file back to uploadimages.

Is it a thumbnail issue?

@StevenSchlossman Thumbnails should be created automatically when needed, so you don’t need to copy those. How are you copying the images, which user is being used?
Check the file and directory owner and permissions to see whether anything looks different between the image that you successfully uploaded and viewed and the others.

Maybe create the uploadimages directory again, then upload each of the images that you need.

@duncanc I’m the only user. I copied all the files from one directory to the other. Permissions are identical.

Uploading one at a time works. Guess I’ll stick to that. It’s a good opportunity for me to clean up unused images, :slight_smile:

Thank you,