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I use the viewbrowser plugin with phpList with the newest versions. When I’m logged in via https (self signed cert) the viewbrowser link is with “https://…” in the mails. When a user clicks the viewbrowser link he’s getting a certificate warning, because I use a self signed cert.

Actually the only workaround is to login via “http” (unsecure) and to send the mailing. Then the viewbrowser link is with “http://…”. It would be nice to have a choice in the viewbrowser configuration wether to use “http” or “https” for the viewbrowser link.

@dev The plugin uses the setting for PUBLIC_PROTOCOL which defaults to the protocol used in the current login session. You might want to change that to be http, but note that will also affect link clicking if you use click tracking.

# Public protocol
# phpList will automatically use the protocol you run the admin interface on for clicktrack links and
# tracking images
# but if you want to force this to be http, when you eg run the admin on https, uncomment the below line
# see also

# Admin protocol
# similar to the above, if you need to force the admin pages on either http or https (eg when behind a
# proxy that prevents proper auto-detection), you can set it here

Wow, thank you very much for the information !

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