ViewBrowser plugin: Clicktracking removes uid from [VIEWBROWSER] url

The Viewbrowser url only works, if “provide an anonymous page” is enabled.
If the anonymous page is disabled, I always get the error “A user uid must be specified”.
when opening the [VIEWBROWSERURL] link.

Therefore I can not track the clickrate when subscribers use the webview.

I would appreciate any help.

@janus Can you show how you have included the placeholder in your html, and in the resultant email what the link actually is?
Can you also turn-off click tracking to see whether that affects the result.

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Thanks for your reply.

This is how i include it in the content area:

<span style="color: #757575; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9pt;"><br />Der Newsletter wird nicht korrekt angezeigt?</span>
            <a href="[VIEWBROWSERURL]"><span style="color: #004a7f; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; text-decoration: underline;">Zur Web-Version</span>

This generates a link: http://www.mywebsi.te/newsletter/lists/lt.php?id=e00HAAEZAVFcHQQDVwEA

Clicking it leads me to http://www.mywebsi.te/newsletter/lists/?m=739&p=view&pi=ViewBrowserPlugin
where it states “A user uid must be specified”

I also had the idea that “id=e00HAAEZAVFcHQQDVwEA” could be just a tracking link, and not the unique webview link.I will try turning it off and report back!

Well, this did not work.
I disabled it ,and now the [VIEWBROWSERURL] is replaced by
directly in the email, therefore it results in the same “A user uid must be specified” page.

There might be something wrong with the uid for the subscriber to whom you sent that email. Check the subscriber profile to see what the value actually is. It should be a long sequence of letters and numbers

Are you using the latest release of the plugin, 2.4.4+20160120, and of phplist (3.2.4)?

Interesting, appareantly the account I sent it to does not have an Unique ID. It is my own, and the field is empty.

Yes I am using the latest release of the plugin, but not the latest release of phplist(3.0.10).

UPDATE: I deleted my account from the list and created a new one. Now I have an unique ID, but the issue is the same.

And another one: Adding the uid manually to end of the url, like &uid=### works and shows the page including tracking links, like it is supposed to be.

Just upgraded to 3.2.4, issue persists.

Whatever did the trick, now it works when click tracking is disabled.
Appareantly enabling it “cuts off” the uid part of the url.

How can i prevent phplist from doing that?
Also, I find it quite confusing that im the only one with that issue?

Enabling or disabling anonymous pages has an effect only when someone clicks the link. It has no effect on the plugin creating the URL, which will include the uid parameter so long as the subscriber has a uniqid value.

If any subscribers do not have a uniqid value then you need to fix those problems, because phplist pages such as preferences and unsubscribe are not going to work.

Like mentioned above i deleted and readded my test subscriber, which now has an uid. The other subscribers already had an uid before.

When i disable clicktracking in config.php, the link does work now, including the uid.

So appareantly clicktracking removes the uid part of the url.

@janus Have you been sending the same campaign each time? If you start a new campaign then the view browser link should work with click tracking enabled.

Because of the original problem of an empty uniqid, phplist has recorded that url doesn’t need a uid parameter and therefore it doesn’t add the uid when the link is clicked. If you use phpmyadmin to look at the linktrack_forward table, the row for that particular url will have the personalise column set to 0. If you change it to 1 then send the same campaign, the view browser url should have the uid parameter.

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Thank you, this was indeed the case. I started a new campaign, and everything works as expected now.