View vs. Unique View

What is the difference between “view” and “unique view” when looking at the statistics of a campaign?

I can’t confirm this is true for phpList as I’m not familiar with the code itself, but generally a view is incremented each time a person appears to view the message while a unique view is incremented only once for each person. So if you send a message to Alice, Bob, and Carl, and Alice views the message twice, Bob views it once, and Carl never seems to view it, then you would have three views (Alice, Alice, Bob) and two unique views (Alice, Bob).

Naturally these stats are subject to conditions that make them not completely accurate – a person might view a message without phpList ever seeing that this happened, for example. So, in short, take the numbers with a grain of salt.

Thank you for your response. Makes sense. No one else has replied.

@sensei The explanation by @crenel84 is correct. Additionally in the next phpList release there will be more detailed view stats tracking each individual view by a subscriber separately.

Thank you for the reinforcement. Also thanks for the info on the new update.
Just out of curiosity do you know that if I update will all of my date in PHPlist remain the same or will I have to restart from scratch?

@sensei phpList updates are always designed to keep (and if necessary, transform) existing data, so nothing will be lost.

Thank you for your prompt response and the useful information. I believe this issues are resolved.