View In Browser Plugin: CSS doesn't work


I configured the “URL of custom CSS file” but, it doesn’t work. If i open the page source there’s no stylesheet tag.

Does anyone know what to do? Is it possible to add manually?

@markross That setting is for styling the archive page. Is that what you are trying to do? See

@duncanc Oops, I guess I did not pay attention to that. Currently some of the CSS is in the tag inside (for all emails), but they don’t appear when I try to read the email in the browser.

I know i should use inline css but is it possible to use a css file on the view page?

@markross Are you saying that some html elements are being removed? Please show the original html of the template or message and that produced by the plugin.

The css that I added in ‘sendemaillib.php’ (Line 715: $htmlmessage = ') doesn’t appear.

@markross You should use a template that includes your css. Copying the head element from one of the emails sent by phplist into a new template should be sufficient.