Version 3.6.8 not using proper Port

I have noticed the number of bounced messages growing in my mail server. When I investigate by manually running the “processbounces”, it comes back with unable to connect to, 110

Well, duh, I specified port 995 so of course 110 won’t work. Is this a generic message that I’m seeing or has the system stopped retrieving bounces using the secure port I specified? If it is not using the secure port right now, where in the code would I go to HARD CODE using the SSL 995 port.

Thanks in advance,

Well, I decided to look through the code for “processbounces” and found that it uses the specified port. So, I scrutinized by config file and found a typo in the bounce_server_port line. This caused it to default to 110 instead of creating an error.

Lesson Learned: review the config file before hollering for help!!