Version 3.3.3 does not recognize fields from exported list from version 3.3.1

i wanted to start with a clean install of PHPList with version 3.3.3 and wanted to import subscribers from the old install which is version 3.3.1.
When i try to import it does not recognize some fields and sets them to ignore and i cant even set them manually.
I double checked with an export file from version 3.3.3 and the field names are equal.

Another thing which keeps me a bit confused, when i export in 3.3.1 i choose the list to export and set to export all, but then i get a list of all subscribers with all lists shown in the export file.
I want to export all subscribers of that list and not all subscribers of all lists.
Therefore the dropdown list of the lists has no function at the export page when you set “export all”.

Okay, one problem solved.
To get only the subscribers of a list in your export file you have to go a little longer way.
Go to “Subscribers lists” and click on the “edit list” Button, there you have to click the button “Subscribers of this list” on the next page you have to click “Download subscribers” and there you can switch to “every date” and you will get only the subscribers of this list.

But the other problem remains.
The fields that are ignored and i cant change are
Is this subscriber confirmed
Is this subscriber blacklisted
Did this subscriber manually confirm
Number of bounces
Last Modified
Unique ID

These fields cannot be imported. I think that the export/import process is not really intended for this kind of use.

i wanted to start with a clean install of PHPList with version 3.3.3

Exactly what do you want to remove? Usually someone would not clear the database as part of the upgrade.

Well i wanted to start over new as i have the feeling that my current install is not running without problems.
Unfortunately i couldnt figure out where the problem is.
One problem is the mixed Layout even that i set the new ui. Sometimes it shows up with the new ui sometimes it falls back to the old ui.
The other problem is that my last message didnt go out completely. It is still stuck in the queue and i cant seem to find the problem.
Therefore i thought it would be a good idea to start from scratch.

I think that you will have to stay with the current database. Creating a new database then importing subscribers will give each a different uid, which means old links to preferences, link tracking, etc. will not work.

For the campaign just suspend it, then you can mark it as “sent”. phplist will not then try to send it again.

thanks duncanc for the information.
well i did an update on the old install which worked and i marked the campaign as sent as suggested.

what i dont understand is that my admin ui is the new one but the other sites which are publicly viewable all have the old ui. but i cant find a way to set the ui for that pages separately.
i also tried uploading the fresh 3.3.3 package and separately adding my config.php and my uploadpictures folder but still the same behaviour. :frowning: