Varaible datas un HTML message

Hello crews,

I need to send variable datas in a HTML page.
“You can specify some subscriber specific data in your URL:
[email] - the email of the subscriber[id] - the subscriber ID[uniqid] - the Unique Code for the subscriber[htmlemail] - the HTML preference for the subscriber”

How could I extend the system for getting full user data management, i.e. the possibility of inserting any user data at any position in an HTML message ?

I suppose I’m not the first one … but I didn’t find any previous post about this point.

I do apologize for my poor english language, I’m french (nobody’s perfect ;=)

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@RolandGautier You want to look at creating subscriber attributes and then using placeholders in the message, see

Hi Duncanc,
Thank you for your answer.
Your points are very powerfull and very weel engenired.
The only thing I need is inserting data in an URL wich is in the sended email :
But it seems not to be authorised .

Why ? My datas, My Customers, My mail adresses list, My … All, and I can’t send a simple URL with datas ???

I really can’t understand this point.

Thank you per advance for your answer.
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I don’t understand this. What are you trying to do?

I need to call a WebCallBack service wich need POST datas, by cliking a link in the sended mail.
To do this, I send a GET variable wich is the user parameters (lightly crypted) to a phpscript of mine wich uncrypt the datas, call the WCB service with appropriate datas in POST mode and send back a ThankYou html page.

The test version is :

Bonjour [CIV] [PRN] [NOM],

Pour être immédiatement rappelé au [GSM], cliquez sur ce lien sans attendre.

Faute de pouvoir vous joindre par téléphone, nous reprendrons contact par courriel à [EMAIL]

So without the [URL…] placeholder, I get “” wich is clearly not the one I send,
and with the [URL…] placeholder, I get a 404 error message within the email :
"Pour être immédiatement rappelé au 0680573701, cliquez
Error 404 - Not found
le fichier requis n’a pas été trouvé.
Il peut s’agir d’une erreur technique. Veuillez réessayer
ultérieurement. Si vous ne pouvez pas accéder au fichier après plusieurs
tentatives, cela signifie qu’il a été supprimé."
What I need is only to send a link to my php script with one GET data user variable.[OBELIX]

I didn’t fine how to do this simple thing without getting a pervertied link.

Thank you.


phplist Help: messageDans le champ réservé au texte de votre
message, vous pouvez utiliser des “variables” qui seront remplacées par
les valeurs correspondant à chaque destinataire :

Les variables doivent apparaître sous la forme suivante: [NOM] où
NOM peut être remplacé par le nom de l’un de vos attributs.
Par exemple, si vous avez un attribut “Mon Prenom” mettez [MON PRENOM] dans le message quelque part, là où
vous voulez que la valeur pour “Mon Prenom” soit insérée. Vous avez défini les attributs suivants :
AttributEspace réservéCIV[CIV]PRN[PRN]NOM[NOM]STE[STE]GSM[GSM]REF[REF]OBELIX[OBELIX]Pour envoyer les contenus d’une page web, ajoutez la ligne suivante dans le corps du message :

Vous pouvez inclure des informations de base du destinataire dans cet URL, mais pas d’information des attributs :

The last two lines told me that I cannot use ATTRIBUT value inside an URL.


You seem to have misunderstood the use of [URL:xxx]. That is used when you want to retrieve a remote web page to be used as the content of the campaign.
What you appear to want to do is include the value of the OBELIX attribute in the URL of a link within your campaign. Your example seems to do that[OBELIX]

There can be a problem with the [ and ] characters being encoded by the editor as %5D and %5E, so you might need to manually edit the content to fix that.

You should disable click tracking in your config file as that just obscures what is happening. This is a link that uses click tracking

Thank you very much for your help during this sunday. I do appréciate.

I have add the “click tracking” lines needed in config.php and it seems to work perfectly now (at least on the test email) .
I’ll send this test campaign to a list of some friends to validate this point asap.

Best wishes,