Validate user subscribe form inputs before creating entry

We have been experiencing spam Newsletter sign-ups for the passed few weeks. The users getting signed up have a valid email address, but the rest of the data on the input form is just garbage. For example:

Subscribe page: 1
First_Name = 2
Last_Name = KXZslijM
Address = aJuWQpXnKodIlAVr
City = zxgYLPpJ
Zip code = sugGbSXTZQeD
Phone = ToQEqUwHkxOAPSRn

Is there a simple way to add validation on the data to help filter out this garbage? I’m thinking something on the Zip code field - it has a fairly easy format that could be tested.


Hi! You should try email validation API Tey help to prevent bots and misspelled addresses. You can get up to 200 000 credits for free.