(v3.2.3-hosted) - URL on email pointing to [UNSUBSCRIBEURL]

Hi there,

Got two issues:

1/ The URL shown to the people that gets our campaign emails points to [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] URL instead of the URL provided (https://www.domain.com) when the email is created.

2/ Havent figured out how to remove the “Powered by” icon from the bottom of each email sent out.

Can anyone point me to the right direction?



  1. You might want to look at either the standard footer, or the footer of the template you are using, and change the url there. Personally, I like to provide a url for people to remove themselves in one click, that’s the way I would want it if I want to unsubscribe.

  2. put the following into your config.php file (or change it if it is already there):smile:

# If you want to remove the image from the HTML emails, set this constant
# to be 1, the HTML emails will then only add a line of text as signature


Sounds like you are using phpList.com?

You can contact us at www.phplist.com/contactus for free support.

To remove the icon (and text) from phpList.com service you just need to buy the plus account.

Kind Regards