V 3.6.0 - French version

Hi all,

I’m currently working on Phplist 3.6.0 French version.
I already fixed many bugs and continue with working on it.

When ready, I propose to provide a zip packages with all updates (including, phplist.po …)

Can you tell me how to proceed?


Hi all,

I’m still working on french translation.
I have now a (almost) perfect version. :grinning:

During the process, I found some hard coded items.
I’m trying to fix all of them.

When finished, I will able to send all updates with a documentation about the changes.


@jojo26 The approach for suggesting or amending translation is explained at
Subscribing to the translation email list is probably the best way to explain what you are trying to do rather than in this forum.


Thanks for the information.
I’ll do it asap.



Is it possible to move that topic in Translation Team ?

Thanks in advance

@jojo26 I moved the topic to the translation category.

Regarding phpList translations: unfortunately, during the past months, we have noticed that it has been hard to have the newly translated strings within the latest versions of phpList but I hope this will be fixed soon.




Thanks for the move.
Yes, I think we will have soon a new version! :grin:

When I installed phplist v3.6.0 I found many problems with the translation:
Wrong items, missing items, items not used and some hard coded items!

I have now a correct (not perfect) version of phplist in French.
I will detail all the updates in a documentation.
I had to update language files and phplist.po but I had to modify too some php sources. Sometimes, I had to use a workaround. With the workaround, phplist will work in French but not always with another language.

Currently, I’m trying to find all hard coded items for fixing them like that:

  • Replacing item by s(item),
  • Creating the item in phplist.po

I will able to provide a full package with the updates and documentation in a few days. :smile:


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