Using the new [LOGO] placeholder

Upgraded to v3.2.3 and am attempting to add the [LOGO] placeholder to the SYSTEM Template.

I have added the LOGO to the CONFIG settings, so it is supposedly there ready for use…

Have tried numerous scenarios and have been unsuccessful…

Perhaps one cannot change the system template? If one can update, I could use some guidance…

Thank you,


Hi, can you be more specific as to what you have done, and perhaps try another template


Appreciate the fast response…
I added the logo via the config settings… went well and is there.
Brought up the SYSTEM template and tried adding:
LTimg src=”[LOGO]” alt=”*” /GT
as the first line of the template… that did not work as it just
displayed the code.
Also tried adding [LOGO] by itself to the first line of the template and that did
not work…

So not sure where to place the placeholder…

As for another template… I do not have another and have never tried
creating one… would prefer changing the SYSTEM template

Ok, try using the specific html quoted in the guide - you will need to add that to the template in html mode.


<img src=”[LOGO]” alt=”*” />

let me know how it goes


OK, found the SYSTEM template html code and can not figure out where in
the code to put the code you referenced…

Can you be a little more specific? It would be appreciated…


While awaiting a response I decided to try adding the line you indicated
to the beginning of the html file, immediately after the BODY
parameter… all that happened was an “*” was displayed…
Since I trap all 404 errors and send them to me via Email, I received a
report of a 404 error when doing a test email of the template…

Here is the error URL:


As for the adding of the logo to phplist via the config file… the logo is displaying in the config setting, so I imagine it went well…

@sunriseal The example html code for adding the logo is incorrect as it uses the wrong quote character. It needs to be this

<img alt="*" src="[LOGO]" />

But it looks like the logo is replaced only when sending campaigns, not in system messages, such as subscribe confirmation, which is what the System template is used for. That looks to be an oversight.

Thank you Duncan… once again you have come to the rescue:-)

The code you supplied worked perfectly…
You are correct that it works for the campaign and not for the system
messages, although both use the same template (have not gotten around to
making a separate one for campaigns).

I wold agree that it is not working on system messages, must have been
an oversight…


Ok, I made a bug report

@duncanc @sunriseal thanks :slight_smile: