Using phplist on Windows / Hmailserver - Problem Bare LF

Hi all,

I’m using phplist 3.2.4 on Windows. The Mailserver is hmailserver. In the settings for SMTP in hmailserver is a checkbox “Allow incorrect formatted line endings”. I have to set this settings to get phplist working.

Where can I change the linefeed handeling in phplist so that it wont sent bare linefeed?

Tanks in advance and best regards

@hherbert Can you capture an email being received the the smtp server to see where the bare LF occurs?

Windows requires \r\n
There are some parts of \admin\PHPMailer\class.phpmailer.php that don’t seem right to me for a Windows server.
Line 1031 for example:

str_replace("\r\n", "\n", $header_dkim) . self::CRLF;