Using JavaScript to subscribe users directely from my homepage

Hello all, I installed phplist for a friend in 2015 and now also for myself v3.6.8. I want to shovel the user from my homepage into phplist through Ajax, but I am no programmer…

1 Here jquery 1.4.2 is being mentioned here it is 1.12.1 Which version is recommended?

2 Which code is to be inserted? The short one of example 1 or the long one from 2? I want the name and e-mail address to be inserted into 1 list.

3 How do I do trouble shooting in Firefox, e.g. see the possible JavaScript errors?


@MTT8 There is a simpler example of using AJAX in the online manual

Thanks for your reply but it seems to be my link 1, is it? The problem is the version of jquery, which one is up to date? The current version seems to be 3.6.0.

@MTT8 Ah, sorry I clicked only on the second link and didn’t realise.

Use whichever version of jquery is in the code just to get it working. Then you can try changing that to the current version of jquery. I don’t know much about jquery so don’t know if that may have had any incompatible changes between versions.