Using gmail smtp on phplist 3.3.1 version

I have gone through many posts on this topic but they all belong to an older version of phplist.

Can i have a solution for the newer version? I am a beginner in php and have little understanding.

Related posts like these do not help.

@abhijitp84 There is nothing special. You just need to specify the server, user, password, port and security.

Look in config_extended.php to see these then copy to your config.php file.

I did that but none of the email ids in the receivers list is receiving email (not even in junk). However, the sender id got the mail. Why does this happen? Also, my phplist show the below message on every page load:

“Initialising phpList in your language, please wait”

Is this causing mails to be undelivered?

$phpmailer_smtpuser = ‘’;
$phpmailer_smtppassword = ‘password’;

Have you enabled allow less secure apps in your gmail settings?

yes…allow access for less secure apps is enabled

log says “Hmmm, No users found to send”

Resolved! The problem was with the email list…i once again imported email ids and it worked.
thank you all