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Using Attributes: manual chapter feedback and discussion


Feedback on the following chapter:

Importing an user with multiple values in the same checkboxgroup attribute

I am receiving the following error message when I try to edit user attributes and cannot find any troubleshooting information in the documentation – please direct me to the necessary instructions. Thanks.

Error: You do not have sufficient access


Hi, are you super-admin or just admin?


I have been using phplist for over 10 years and did not realize there is a difference … would you be so kind as to point me to a link where I can set myself up as a super-admin? There is only one admin and I am the only person using the system.

Thanks for your super-quick reply!


Sounds like you are already super-admin to me. You can create sub-admins but they can’t share lists etc. The best thing is for you to make a new support thread and describe the issue there, the manual doesn’t really deal with these complex individual issues.Best



fyi, looks like all the images on this documentation page are broken. ie:


@maltfield Thanks for reporting – how did you navigate to that URL? I don’t recognise the PhplistHacks.html part, and when I click the link it shows the homepage and not where the missing image should be or a 404.


sorry, it’s on this page:

Edit: hmm…looks fine on this page:

I guess google brought me to the PhplistHacks.html page. What is that clone?

Edit2: Guess it’s near-infinite:


@maltfield That’s strange; looks like the Apache mod_rewrite rules are too lenient; I’ll look into it