Using a utility server


I am testing out phplist on my windows laptop in xampp before deploying to a debian server. I successfully sent out a campaign to my 4000 person list from the laptop itself.

I noticed that some of the links try to use the domain I entered in settings instead of a relative link. The one specifically that stood out was a link in the autoresponder plugin. This would be an issue for me, since I am planning on installing a private utility server that I will only access via ip rather than on my main website.

My question: Are there other known issues with using phplist without installing it on my main site, and how is that usually dealt with? I am especially worried there may be issues with automating things via cron or the rest api, which will not be not monitored as closely.

Thanks! Seth

@seth If you are referring to the field “Website address” on the Settings page then that needs to be where phplist is installed.

That is used for some page links, as you noticed, and also to construct URLs when click tracking is enabled, which is the default now.

Ok, thanks. I will figure out how I want to handle it.