User list is not displayed


I’m still using a self-hosted phplist 3.0.12.
When I go to Subscribers/Search subscribers phplist don’t display any subscriber.
If I search for all subscribers that have ‘@’ inside the email address phplist display all subscribers.

Someones know why without any search criteria phplist don’t display any subscriber ?

I would like to fix it because I have another problem that is due perhaps from the same cause.

I have other self-hosted phplist 3.0.12 installations where I don’t have this problem.


Are you using a sub account or something?

No, I’ve just one account, ‘admin’.

When there are more than 1000 subscribers then phplist doesn’t display anything, you do need to enter something to search for. That value can be changed in your config file

# Users Page Max. The page listing subscribers will stop listing them and require a search,
# when the amount of subscribers is over 1000. With this settings you can change that cut-off point
define('USERSPAGE_MAX', 1000);

Thanks a lot Duncan that’s the solution.