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User can not see subscribers or mailing list


I have been using PHPList for awhile now and it has just been me managing things. It has worked well for my small needs.

I got help and I decided to give them their own account to manage the mailings.

1st - I set up their account, set permissions, etc… They tried to log in, and they could not, the password I give her did not work. So they tried to reset the password. They could not, it just woould not react to her logging in. so I went to the landing page and asked for a reset. They received it, and reset the password, that did work.

2nd - once they logged and and learned the software a bit, they sent a test mailing, and it worked fine. But, when we were ready to send it, they asked me where the subscribers were. I told her where to find them, and they were not there. So, when logged in to her account, she can not see the subscriber list that I created. I did give her permissions to manage the subscribers.

3rd - even though she can not see the subscribers, no previous mailings, no data of any sort, she can start a campaign and save a rough draft of it. When she does this, I can see the rough draft when I log in to my account.

4th - I decided just give her the admin password to try. While typing it in manually, and trying multiple times, the PW never worked.

5th - I created my own new account. I log in and see the same thing. No subscribers. BUT, when I go to add my own email, that is on the list too, the user from the subscriber list appears with the right ID, and amongst other things, last time i changed my password, 2 years back. I can see the attributes though. That part of the info is visible.

So, the subscribers are there. Not if I search for them but if I try adding the same email again.

Why can she not see the subscribers or any previous activity or data that I see when I log on?

Does it matter that all my work was done as the “super” admin? Th enew users were not super admin.

Any ideas for this strange behaviour?

I decided to reinstall PHPLIst and move the subscriber list to the new install, thinking that maybe the issue was with the install.

I recreate the admin user and the regular user.(user has all permisisons possible)

I recreated all the same attributes, upload the subscriber list as the admin.

As admin, I can see the subscribers, and as the rgular user, I can not see the subscribers. THi ssi ion the new installation.

I erased the subscribers and thought “maybe” it was because it needs to uploaded s the user. I uploaded the subscriber list.

I see zero (0) subscribers after uploading and successfully importing the subscriber list.

What might be causing this?

This is normal for phpList. An admin user can see their campaigns only, not those sent by you as SuperAdmin, nor any other admins campaigns.

Also, as an Admin, you would have no access to subscriber details.

An ordinary admin can see only those subscribers who belong to their lists.
@smokinjo You need to either make all the admins be super admins, or change the owner of each list to be the ordinary admin who wants to use that list.

That makes sense about the superadmin vs adminuser. I suspected this. Makes sense.

It is normal that I upload a subscriber list as a adminuser, and there are no subscribers after the upload is done?

You say that the admin user has no access to the subcriber details. But, when the adminuser is created, there is an option for them to be able manage subscribers. This means that they can have access to the subcribers if I give them this permission, right? So, they should see them.

In the best practice, what is th e"right" way to work on a site? The superadmin creates the site and the adminusers? Then the admin users create the subscribe lists and newsletter?



This worked like a charm. There is only one list being used, so I just made the other used superadmin.
The access is working now.