Use Segment Plugin for "Resend a campaign only to subscribers that haven't read it" in v3.3.1 phplist

Hi guys,
I have a question for install Segment plugin for version 3.3.1 phplist. I read through the installation requirement doc, but didn’t see anything related to if newest version phplist will works for this plugin.
Here is the description:

"### Dependencies ###

Requires php version 5.4.0 or later. Please check your php version before installing the plugin, otherwise phplist will fail (probably a white page).

This plugin requires the Common Plugin version 3.5.6 or greater to also be installed, and will not work without that.
You must install that plugin or upgrade to the latest version if it is already installed.
See "

Any ideas or suggestions? Please let me know. Thanks.

Yes, it does.

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Thank you for you replied Dragorider.
I tried to install manually, but it give me a white page after I pasted both “SegmentPlugin.php” and “directory SegmentPlugin” into the plugins folder. What I did wrong?

Here is the instruction:

Install manually

Download the plugin zip file from

Expand the zip file, then copy the contents of the plugins directory to your phplist plugins directory.
This should contain

  • the file SegmentPlugin.php
  • the directory SegmentPlugin

Why are you doing this and not installing through the Manage Plugins page? I guess that you have not copied all of the files, but it’s hard to know.

The plugin should work with any recent version of phplist.

There is a message on my Manage Plugins page said “The plugin root directory is not writable, please install plugins manually”. so that’s why I’m doing manually.

@Benc With only Common Plugin installed (i.e. without the Segment plugin), does phplist work normally?

One possible problem is the php timezone setting. Ensure that you have that set, or install the Timezone plugin and then set the timezone on the Settings page.

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Hi, @duncanc,
Sorry for late reply, I installed the time zone plugin and set the timezone on setting page as an empty value. But when I plugin the SegmentPlugin, still give me a white page. Do you have any other ideas why is this happened?

I also installed the Common Plugin, the phplist working pretty normal.

FYI: My hosting PHP version is 5.5.

What do you mean by this?

I set the timezone to “us/eastern” time now. Still not working.

Why do you think that is a valid php timezone? Please see the plugin documentation.


In the Timezone group on the Settings page you can specify the php timezone.
This should be a value similar to ‘Australia/Sydney’. See for the supported timezones.

I use this link’s for timezone: ““US/Eastern”, also tried “America/New_York”.

@Benc If you have access to php or web server log files then check those. Otherwise I don’t know what the problem is. Sorry.