Use case: submit by mail viral marketing

The project I’m considering would have an underlying MTA (mailgun/sendmail/mailchimp) to handle the emails… However, my project would have my “users” emailing other users/friends from their existing gmail/yahoo/etc… To allow me to have a sense of how many/who’s being emailed, I’d ask/have the recruiting users to do a CC/BCC within the email to my MTA email account so I can then track who replies/doesn’t/etc…

Is this the kind of thing that phplist already does with the “bounce” stats.

To your knowledge, is what I described a reasonable solution to kind of understanding how external users engage with the emails.

My use case, is to build a viral marketing kind of app, where users sign up, and then go forth and recruit other users if they choose. (Think airbnb/dropbox/harry’s/etc…) However, while I can track users who sign up… I’d have no clue as to who was recruited, but didn’t reply, unless I somehow know the emails that are sent.

I know what I’m thinking of is a different use from the normal phplist objective. Which is why I’ll be making a number of changes to the logic/tables/etc…


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Your precise workflow isn’t yet clear to me. However the submit By Mail plug-in could be used to allow your users to send campaigns directly from their Mail client, and using the existing ‘forward this message’ functionality, you could use a campaign template with large forwarding buttons to encourage people to share with their friends, which would in turn be tracked in phpList.

Does that help?