URL link problem


I am having a problem with my links and could not find the solution in the other posts on the forum, though I understand what the issue is.

I see that phpList creates a tracking link. That is fine. But, I put phpList associated with a subdomain and that seems to have caused problems with the links and I do not know how to correct it.

My main site is at http:www.watuxi.com. I created a subdomain news.watuxi.com and so phpList lives in a directory on the publichtml directory called “news.” The tracking links go to “http://news.watuxi.com/news/” which is incorrect. Http://www.watuxi.com/news/ would be correct, or http://news.watuxi.com/ would be even better, since this is the proper subdomain. But http://news.watuxi.com/news does not exist on my server, and I cannot see how to stop phpList from sending the links there.

I hope someone can tell me how to correct this issue. Thank you so much.

@tekukuno Possibly you have set incorrect value for $pageroot in the config file, or “web site address” on the admin Settings page. See this earlier topic Campaign stats not working Website address and domain name

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