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Upgrading PHPList, Keeping Modifications

I have not used the PHPList application installed on my own domain for over a year, and now where I need it again it tells me that it is outdated and I need to reinstall it. Since I have customized several files with a great investment of time, I hope this is possible without losing my work.

It surprises me that it checks for a version at all, I thought it was totally localized.

Can you please let me know the best way to upgrade PHPList?

Many thanks!

@hbeer54 if the particular files that you have modified have not themselves been changed then you should be able to just save and then restore your changed version after upgrading. If any file has been changed then you would need to re-apply your changes after upgrading.

Depending on what your changes actually do, it might be possible to incorporate some of them into a plugin, which would not be affected by upgrading phplist.

Otherwise you will need to remain on your current version of phplist.

Thank you very much!