Upgraded old version to latest, no campaign is being sent anymore


I’ve been running phplist for years. I noticed that in the past few days I no longer received my regular newsletter. Upon some digging the (command line) list complained it was older than 2 years, and apparently refused to do anything.
So I upgraded to 3.4.0
now, the same command line outputs 3 lines only:
“phpList version 3.4.0 © 2000-2019 phpList Ltd, http://www.phplist.com
Message with subject XXX was sent to “YYY”
phpList version 3.4.0 © 2000-2019 phpList Ltd, http://www.phplist.com

(non-relevant stuff replaced with XXX, YYY)

however, checking the campaigns and stuff in web, shows nothing.
I’ve already set verbosity to true and error reporting to 1.
I went over all the web UI buttons trying to see if there is anything “new” that I must fill in, but nothing popped up.
The " Configuration steps" steps however shows all steps with a green checkmark except for the last one: “Add some subscribers” which has a red crossed circle.
So “going there” and importing my email address again just confirms (via email) that the
email address is already subscribed. So that looks like a false-negative.

my command line script is something along the line (2 lines):
echo XXX | /bin/phplist -psend -s YYY -l 1 -f “ZZZ”
/bin/phplist -pprocessqueue
hasn’t changed in years.
(non-relevant stuff replaced with XXX, YYY, ZZZ)

my /bin/phplist looks something like this (variable declarations not included)
/usr/bin/php $LIST_ROOT/admin/index.php -c $CONFIG $*
again, this hasn’t changed in years.

Any pointers would be helpful, I’ve been trying to get this working for a few days now.

Thank you.

@ciuly The campaign should have been created by the first command, you can confirm that on the active tab of the Campaigns page.
Can you run processqueue from a command line so that you see any other output from phplist?

I would have expected that too, however it’s not the case.
last campaign is from 1 month ago

So I cannot explain why the first command would say it sent the message…

Events shows the same last month.

I am already running it from command line. It’s the second line in my script, pasted in my original post. Do you mean to run it differently? If so how?


@ciuly You showed the Sent tab, the new campaign should be on the Active tab with a status of submitted.

If you run phplist from the command line then there should be some output, that you didn’t show. Particularly if verbose is enabled. This is the output for the send page

phpList - phpList version 3.4.0 (c) 2000-2019 phpList Ltd, https://www.phplist.com
phpList - Database error 1064 while doing query  You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
phpList - Sql error SELECT * FROM phplist_message where id = 134  and owner = 
Message with subject thesubject was sent to "test" 

while processqueue generates a lot of output

phpList - phpList version 3.4.0 (c) 2000-2019 phpList Ltd, https://www.phplist.com
phpList - Recently sent : 0
phpList - Started [0.0050090000] (223)
phpList - Sending in batches of 40 emails [0.0000800000] (224)
phpList -  select id from phplist_message where status not in ("draft", "sent", "prepared", "suspended") and embargo  [0.0002470000] (225)
phpList - Processing has started, [0.0028540000] (228)
phpList - One campaign to process. [0.0015150000] (230)
phpList - Maximum for campaign 134 is 40

The line
Message with subject thesubject was sent to "test"

means only that a new campaign was created and submitted, not that anything has been sent.

Thanks, I know there used to be a lot more output but in my case then, there were just those 3 lines. Doing some digging I found there were some selinux issues there, which I cleared out one by one. After all gone, still it wouldn’t load, so then I deleted the entire lists folder (copied out my config) and then copied fresh from the latest archive, put in my config and now it just won’t load up. I get the user/pass login, then white page. I did notice for a fraction of a second something was showing so I recorded the screen and made a screencapture of that

For this test I temporarily disabled selinux ( echo 0 > /selinux/enforce), just to make sure that is not the cause.
I also added the following 2 lines in the config.php
ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

which is why that warning shows up up there. But that’s the only one. Right after that message and bunch of links show up for a split of a second, then the page goes blank. The source of that blank page contains the following:
https://justpaste.it/23ymk (I [root]'ed out the path to my site, other than that it’s the thing as-is)

I did the deletion before your message so I am no longer able to verify your suggestion. Looks like I broke it worse.

Does this 3.4.0 have some special requirements that could render it not working on my not up to date server? And why don’t I get any error message of any kind?

Thank you.

@ciuly One inadvertent change is that the curl extension must be installed and enabled. If not then phplist will fail in a way similar to your problem.

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I think I already have that. This is the output of my check (5 lines total)
# php -i | grep -i curl
cURL support => enabled
cURL Information => 7.19.7

@ciuly If you are sure that the only change has been to upgrade phplist then you can try reverting to the old release, which was probably 3.3.1.

There are some earlier topics here about how to disable the 2 year age check. See Fatal error: Your phpList version is older than two years

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That cured it, thank you so much.
Not the best option but better have it running than not at all. Thanks.

FYI this is being worked on for this month’s release: https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=19837

Thanks. I’ve started monitoring that ticket.

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