Upgrade from 3.3.9 to 3.5.2 possible?

The automatic upgrade hangs in the last section.

After more than two hours I checked with ftp, the package was unpacked with v.3.5.2 in /tmp_uploaded_update and in /config/actions it is set to {“continue”:false, “step”:8}.

When I upgrade manually I am afraid that the database will not be adapted correctly.
Is it better to first install an intermediate version of Phplists manually and which one?

Thanks for your help

@HeinzSwoboda It should be ok to upgrade from 3.3.9. Only installations using phplist before 3.2.0 need to upgrade to 3.2.0 first.

If you want to retry the automatic updater then remove the actions file.

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Thanks for the very quick response.

I will try again, but I had to delete the directory /tmp_uploaded_update first.

Let’s see if it works.
If not then, I’m not afraid of a manual upgrade based on your statement now.
Sure I have backed up everything before :wink:

Thanks very much!!!

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