Upgrade from 2.10.17

I need to upgrade from an old 2.10.17 to last release.
Can I install last release and upgrade the database directly or do I have to do it installing all intermediate releases? In this case where can I find all them?
Thank you

@rhugony You can upgrade directly to the current release 3.2.5.

@duncanc I’m in the same boat as rhugony, and my follow-up question is: Are there any major changes that might break whatever was configured before? I read the upgrade blurb on the download-phplist page, and it seems fairly straight forward, but I just wanted to check with someone that has done this before so that I don’t cause myself a several-hour stress event.


@dfwcug There are some differences in phplist 3, the admin permissions model is simpler so if you use ordinary admins with phplist 2 then those probably won’t work as well in phplist 3.
Also, the design of click tracking has changed and there is a conversion process that you need to run.

There might be other changes but I don’t remember now.

You should be running a recent release of php , either 5.6 or 7.

Just ensure that you backup the database and phplist code so that you can easily revert if necessary.