Updating PHPlist

Hi guys,

Our PHPlist is rather outdated. We are using version 3.0.12 and the latest version is 3.2.0.
Can we just click on the download button and it installs? Or are there some other steps involved (i.e. with the databases and transporting stuff)?
We are not the most technical people on the world, so bear with me :smile:



The latest version is 3.2.5.

The basic procedure to upgrade is to backup your config.php file, install the newest version, and then restore your config.php file, updating it to the settings appropriate to 3.2.5.

Many users use someone like myself to do this for them…
there should be some documentation available on phplist.org (the site is down at the moment)
or you can send me an email if you are willing to pay a small fee for me to do the upgrade for you. (click on my name and you should be able to send an email.

Thanks, Dan