UPdater error - how to ad dmissign files?

I got an error when upgrading my PHPList:
Error: The following files are either not expected and should be removed, or are missing but required and should be put back in place

It had lots of other files listed, but I removed them.

These are the two that seem to be missing.

I presume I need to create these files.




Actually, you should upload the complete LISTS folder as it contains some hidden files that are required for the system to operate correctly. Usually, I download the CONFIG folder to my desktop backup. I copy the CONFIG files into the folder from the new version, then upload the complete LISTS folder so I get all files updated. Unless you have unique items added for TEXT or for PLUGINS, this should work just fine and fix the issue for you.

Just create empty files to avoid the problem. The .htaccess file is needed so shouldn’t have been removed.

HI Dougster and Duncan,

Before seeing Duncans reply I backed up the config files/folder, and replaced everything else.
It worked like a charm.

Thanks for giving me your ideas