Update from 3.3.5 to 3.3.7 still shows 3.3.5 in the UI?

Hello. I’m updating a 3.3.5 app to 3.3.7 manually (not using the new updater tool because I need to automate this for a lot of phpList installs across a lot of versions) and so I did this:

  • I uploaded the files of 3.3.7 from public_html/lists/* (except for .htaccess, index.html, and the config/ directory) over the top of the existing files.
  • I gave write permissions to ./tmp/ and ./admin/plugins/.
  • I logged into the app’s backend and found that it still shows “3.3.5” as the version.

I tried the ‘check database’ tool and the ‘Upgrade phpList’ tool but it says:

Your database version: 3.3.5
Your database is already the correct version, there is no need to upgrade

And if I check the database, config table it shows “3.3.5” as the version but all of the files are definitely from 3.3.7.

It feels like there’s an update step not being run, or something like that. I remember when upgrading previous versions that after updating the files you would then log into the backend and it would automatically ask you if you wanted to run the upgrader tool but that didn’t happen here.

Did I miss something?

It sounds like the update hasn’t been applied, either to the files or to the database. You can check the VERSIONS file from which the version on the UI is taken. I would try manually reapplying the update by copying files.