Unsubscribed users

Please I need help. I am new one in phplist. What happens to customers who have unsubscribed from my campaign emails. Do I have to delete them manually from subscriber list or it happens automatically after subscriber press “unsubscribe me” link in email which I have sent trough campaign? Thanks.

They are not deleted but they are “blacklisted” so that they will not receive any further emails from you and will not be able to re-subscribe again.


Well, THEY can re-subscribe again, using the subscribe page, but you can’t very easily just send to them again :smile:

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Please would you like to tell me where I can see all unsubscribed ( blacklisted ) users per campaign? Tnx.

Don’t think you can see them per campaign but you could see bounces per campaign, which will be similar depending on how you deal with them.

Bounces are those which addresses were incorrect and delivery failed, isn’t it? And sure we could see them, but my interest is in those who are unsubscribed per campaign. I can see all those unsubscribers in my mailbox but can’t see them in phplist. It is very strange. I don’t understand why phplist doesn’t have this possibility to calculate unsubscribed users.

Well, one way is to go into click tracking and see how many people clicked the unsubscribe link, that would do the same thing :smile:

When you talk about tracking do you think about Google Analytics?

No, I mean the inbuilt link tracking in phpList