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Oftenly after an campaign i receive email from vade-retro campany about unsubscribe as following


You receive this message because Safe Unsubscribe service did not succeed to
unsubscribe the following recipients. We update unsubscribe scenarios on a daily
basis to improve the efficiency of our service and to limit the sending of messages
to the address specified in the Reply-To header. Please unsubscribe the following

The format is as follows:
( …)


Recipients listed above have explicitly requested to be unsubscribed from your
campaigns by using Safe Unsubscribe service provided by Vade Retro Technology.

For additional information, visit:

Vade Retro Safe Unsubscribe team

So it’sseems the company could unscubcribe or didn’t get the confirmation!?
Do you know this company.
Do you already meet this problem?
Do you have any idea?

Hi, no idea. I would just blacklist any subscrers mentioned (if they are not already blacklisted) they don’t seem to want to receive your campaigns.

We come across a lot of these “in-between” things, just ignore them I think


It’s best to include a line in your TOS or Privacy policy disavowing responsibility when 3rd party user management systems are employed.
Always cover your butt regarding the canned spam act.

Thanks for you answer.

I find a solution that i’m sharing hear.
In header at List-Unsubscribe line I just add an mailto

$mail->addCustomHeader("List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:".getConfig("admin_address")."?subject=Unsubscribe&body=unsubscribe%20list%20".$destinationemail.">, <".$text["jumpoffurl"].">");
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