Unsubscribe email is not sent

Same problem as described here: https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=17272

When a user unsubscribes, they are immediately blacklisted and do not receive an email as promised.

Users receive emails when they subscribe and when they update preferences.
Able to send campaigns to users.

Running version 3.0.12 on Bluehost hosting

Tried using the default “phpmailer” and tried “phpmailer”,“email server name” with the associated variables set in config.php

There are no unsubscribe events in the log

I have searched forums, Googled and tried everything I can think of. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Thx - Don

You could add a note on that bug report, or make a new one. I am no expert in this but bluehost may be the issue perhaps? some blockage some place… As in the bug report, it’s not a problem which has been verified by many people.

I was able to work around this by commenting out one of the calls in the unsubscribe function and hard coding the sendMail call. Below are my changes:

// $unsubscribemessage = str_replace("[LISTS]", $lists,getUserConfig(“unsubscribemessage:$id”,$userid));

sendMail($email, “Goodbye from our newsletter”,“You have been unsubscribed from our newsletters and will not receive any more emails. If this is in error, please contact us.” , system_messageheaders($email), ‘’, true);

I wonder if that could be put into a plugin or something? I guess this issue can’t be unique to you. You could report it as a bug on mantis and note the fix.