Unique Views broke after April 2018 Update (3.3.3?)

When updating PHPList in early April 2018 to (I believe) was 3.3.3, Unique Views would only record if I alone would be opening emails. PHPList is used within Lunarpages and is updated through their Softaculous Updater.

. I do know my uniquid is in the proper format in my database, and my 1x1 pixel is accurate (black screen appears when putting in the address for it). Any help would be appreciated.

This could be database schema related. Can you check the contents of the relevant database tables to ensure that data is formatted and stored correctly? Perhaps the db upgrade procedure didn’t work properly for some reason.

I have used the function within PHPList to verify the database structure, and all looks okay. Is there somewhere specific I should be looking within the database?

If I wanted to reset the database to “factory defaults”, what would the consequences be, and how can it be done? Is there anything I would need to “save” prior to performing the reset?

@mjhedger You can try tracing what happens when an email is sent and viewed and a link is clicked.
Create a new subscriber and add to a new list. Send a campaign to that new list.
In the body of the html of the received email will be an img element similar to this
<img src="https://www.mysite,com/lists/ut.php?u=4c8baeb98e4e8b59c51b0e52c7b6cbd0&amp;m=117" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" />
Try copying/pasting the URL, the src attribute, into a browser window to fetch the pixel. That should register as an open of the email.
Similarly each link in the email will have been rewritten to something like this

<a href="https://mysite.com/lists/lt.php?tid=fx1VBAdXVAANVRwJBwYHH1AJXABPBAtWVh0EUwEEXQVTVgcEAgIYAARXVQENUgAfVwlcBE9RAQFSHQpcBwMVAlMHWwIFVVUFUQEGTQNWAwEBAlYET1cBVFQdBwRVUhVUBQNWG1EAUwFWUVcABlBTBw" target="_blank" title="powered by phpList version 3.3.4, &copy; phpList ltd">phpList</a>

Again, try copying the URL into a browser window to see what happens when that link is clicked.