Unicode symbols in Subject

From time to time you see emails come by that have a Unicode symbol in the subject, a flame or something else.
Anybody ever tried this and how do you go about it exactly ?
I’m not sure what code to paste in the subject line to make it work.

Does it require the email to be sent as html ?
I tend to send my emails as text only.

I found a workaround using:

  • phpList v3.2.4.
  • Outlook 2016 (any version / email program* that allows you to view the “internet/email headers”)
    *possible using webmail too, eg. Gmail.

Compose a new message, copy and paste the special unicode character into the subject line and send the email to yourself.

Once received, open the email and view the internet headers. For recent versions of Outlook:
File > Info > Properties

Look in the Internet headers field for the subject header (now encoded in base64 or quoted-printable). Scroll down until you see the line starting with “Subject:” or copy and paste the contents of this field into a text editor to work with.

Subject: =?utf-8?B?4puE?=

Paste the entire string starting with “=?utf-8” and ending with “?=”, so in the example above “=?utf-8?B?4puE?=” (without the quotes), into the campaign subject field.

This is the snowman without snow character: :snowman:

Hope this helps, cheers.

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