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Understanding bounce processing report


Phplist 3.3.7
When we process our bounces this is the report:

2 bounces to fetch from the mailbox
Please do not interrupt this process
Closing mailbox, and purging messages
Processing bounces based on active bounce rules
0 bounces processed by advanced processing
1094 bounces were not matched by advanced processing rules
Identifying consecutive bounces
total of 520 subscribers processed

My question is – what is the “1094 bounces were not matched by advanced processing rules” telling me? Does it mean that we have 1094 bounces that we are not processing at all, because they are not matching the advanced rules, and if so, what is the best way to add the appropriate rules? I’m hoping that is not looking up each bounce and adding a new rule (one-by-one) to account for that bounce.

We are really trying to clean up all of our bounces and have always (9 year Phplist user) been confused by the bounce process.