Unable to send mailing

When I put a campaign in queue, and process it, I see the message that the number of list members in that list have failed and will retry.

When I stop processing and look at the campaign in the campaign list, I see that it has an inflated number of number of messages sent. The number sent being over 10,000 more than the total list members.

The version I am using is 3.3.9 (unable to upgrade), and I am looking for advice on how to trouble shoot the issue.

@Vanguard Look at the event log page for any errors that have been reported.

The log of events shows that for each email in the mailing list it displays the following error:

Error sending email to [email-address-in-list] You must provide at least one recipient email address.

@Vanguard I guess that there is something wrong with the email addresses that is making them be rejected.

This is an established list that has been used for over a year. A mailing went out last week and in theory nothing has changed.