Unable to send mail while using SMTP Protocol

Hi I am facing error while sending mail via SMTP prototcol . I have changed in my config file
$phpmailer_smtpuser = xxxagt.com’;
$phpmailer_smtppassword = ‘xxxx&!@’;
$phpmailer_smtpsecure = ‘ssl’;

Even there is no Error just Processing going on . How to report error can you please guide .
or there is any further change is required ?.

Personally I wouldn’t use blastport, rather I’d suggest using define(‘PHPMAILERPORT’,25); set to 465 not 6465.

yes I have tried That one too , but doesn’t worked is there is any further edit reuired in any other file ??

This setting is no longer used, so you appear to be running an old release of phplist, which version is it?

In the current release of phplist there is a config setting to display debug output when sending through an smtp server, so you should upgrade if that setting is not within config_extended.php.

So there is no need of define(“PHPMAILER”,1); I have commentted this line .