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Unable to raise issue on Mantis


There is an intermittent problem with Mantis when trying to create a new issue, reported as too many redirects

This happens with Firefox and Chromium,and isn’t resolved by clearing cookies or logging out and logging in again.


Sorry about that - a system administrator will investigate tomorrow.

Did you experience this issue before this weekend? Strangely I don’t recall seeing that problem myself.


I’ve just tried and once I remembered my username, was able to log in, so as @duncanc says, intermittent.


@Dragonrider thanks for confirming that reporting an issue is working.

After trying again and having the same problem, then clearing cookies, then rebooting, I noticed that on the Mantis page the “project” dropdown was set to “All projects”. After changing that to “phplist 3 application” the Report issue worked properly.