Unable to download captcha plugins

Hi, I tried to download hcaptcha & recaptcha v3 plugins using hcaptcha plugin link and recaptcha v3 plugin link but both are not working. I got ‘error: Invalid plugin package’.

Is the link not working anymore? How can I get a hcaptcha or recaptcha v3 plugin for phplist?

@xaman Which version of phplist is installed? Are you able to install any other plugin or to update the language files, menu system > update translations

Also, ensure that the phplist temp directory $tmpdir in the config.php file is writeable by the web server process.

@duncanc I’m using version 3.6.7. The other extensions also have the same error.

I’m able to update the language files. However, the Chinese language is not fully translated. Is it an incomplete translation?

I can’t find $tmpdir in the config.php file. I’m using Laragon to test out phplist before deploying on the server. So, I’m not sure where the temp directory is located. My installation of Laragon is at C:\Laragon\www\lists.

@xaman You will need to add $tmpdir to config.php set to a directory where the web server process has write permission. On linux the default is “/tmp” but clearly that is not valid on Windows, which could well be the cause of the problem.
There may be other configuration options that are file paths, look in config_extended.php.

@duncanc Thanks for the help. I managed to install the plugins after inserting this line into config.php for windows localhost use. Just want to put in my solution here to help other windows users:

$tmpdir = ‘c:\users<your windows account name>\tmp’;

Need to create a folder called ‘tmp’ in the location stated above as well.