Unable to detect hostname

I have edited the host information in my phplist dashboard, but confirmation request emails still have “unable to detect host”? How do I fix this?

In order to provide you with this service we'll need to

Transfer your contact information to unable to detect hostname
Store your contact information in your unable to detect hostname account
Send you emails from unable to detect hostname
Track your interactions with these emails for marketing purposes

If this is not correct, or you do not agree, simply take no action and delete this message.

Are you using PHPLIst hosted? If so, you’ll need to raise a ticket with through your control panel I believe.

No it is self-hosted.

I want to bump this thread, since the system isn’t really that useful if it sends out messages like that. Is it an entry in the DB perhaps?

@Rick On the Settings page, what is shown for the field “website address”?

Also the field “Message subscribers receive when they sign up”. If that shows the “unable to …” text then you may need to edit it directly.

It is correct. rdearman.uk.to

This is what I mean when I said that I have correctly edited all those addresses. Originally it was wrong, but I changed everything in settings to the correct address and it still sends out “unable to detect host” this is why I wondered if there is something in the DB which isn’t changing.

It also occurred to me that there might be somewhere it trys to detect the hostname each time? It is never going to be able to do this, so if that is the case I’ll need to disable that somehow.

@Rick Also, if you created a subscribe page then that will need to be changed as well, menu Config > Subscribe pages.

Ah, this was where the issue was! Thanks.

Hi, I have this same issue on self hosted script. Host name is configured but in other places I can find part of the URL unable to detect hostname instead my host name. If I understand it right only option is to correct it manually, please correct me if I am wrong.

And maybe other solution is going to phpMyAdmin, search data base for unable to detect hostname and replace if with correct string? Can it work or script demands also some indicator(s) set?

Many thanks in advance.

I actually had to go into the database and remove the references that included “unable to detect hostname” before it would see the new one. You can do a search and replace in the DB, but I just deleted those entries and then recreated a new subscribe page, then I changed the ID of the new page to the number of the one I deleted.

Hopefully I’ve explained this well enough?

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Hi Rick, Thanks. Easiest way for me was just to find in the database and edit unable to detect hostname string and replace it with correct host name. I confirm (as far is my progress in the installation) it works :slight_smile: