Unable to Change Admin Password

Hello Everyone,
It seems something went wrong with my phpList, as I am trying to change my Admin Password through Forgot Password? Enter your email address:
Then message pop-ups that “A password change token sent to corresponding email” But I can’t get that in my email inbox. I have tried more than once to get that link but finally I am unable to get that.
Please help me regarding this.


If you are not receiving the email, perhaps you have either used a different or incorrect email either when you set things up, or typed in an incorrect email when requesting your password reminder.

If everything is okay, for me, the easiet way to fix this issue would be to log into your server cpanel, go for the PHPMyAdmin and browse to your user table in your phplist database and manually change the (encrypted) password to one you are sure you know. You can even type it in normally and phpList will encrypt it the next time it is started up.

Hello Dragonrider,
First of all Sorry for late reply and thanks for valuable direction for changing the Password through PHPMyAdmin.

Thanks for help and support

That’s okay, glad it worked.